Clean Dance was started by Professional DJs to address the need for appropriate music at Youth Dances.  We are thankful for the growth and development of this concept.

You would think “but, it’s impossible to filter through all of the music to find clean music.”  Impossible? Undoubtedly. We are up to the challenge.  We have been for years.  We are always reviewing current songs for sexual content, drugs and violence so we can screen those out.  We are all about freedom expression, and when an artist or group expresses songs which provide what we screen for, we allow them the joy of not making the list.

This company really started in the 1980’s, doing high school dances and weddings. We started to notice what we played mattered, that music had influence.  Slowly, we started to remove songs that had messaging that proved socially destructive.  Our event frequency and participants at those events started to rise.

In 2000, the CleanDance brand was formed.  We continue today training anyone who will listen through forums and seminars, the power of clean music in life.

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8 Responses to About

  1. Wil Andrew says:

    Courtesy of the red white and blue by Toby keith says put a boot in your —. I am not against the song but I know a couple groups that are. Just thought I would share. I have used this collection before and like it. Will probably add it to my collection soon just for the convenience factor.

  2. Sandra Gilyard says:

    I would like to use this music in a school setting. I do not want to use anything with profanity in it. I do want the students to enjoy it.

  3. Sandra Gilyard says:

    How do I get subscribed?

  4. Josh Amos says:

    I have been asked to dj a local homecoming dance for a Christian school that is being sponsored by the parents. What 20 songs would you play so the students would have fun dancing but the lyrics would remain tasteful? Also consider what songs have you seem teens have the most fun/get involved with.

  5. Jake Wood says:

    I have been using your list since before 2006 when it was released I was just wondering if you have a partial list completed so far with any newer stuff on it.

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