A DJ for the Eternities 

Many of you might not have known him – DJ Fred.  He ran a teenage night club, SCATZ in the late 80’s.  He did weddings for Disney, helped to setup Pleasure Island.  He ran the concert series at Wet-N-Wild.  He worked a range of dances from a few home schoolers at their home coming, to thousands at a party.  He performed more than I would ever want to.  He moved equipment at one point and ran the show from the office at another.  His experience was deep and wide.

He educated people on the power of music.  He helped thousands through presentations to youth across the country; teaching that what they listen to matters.  That music can have a lasting effect on the way we feel, think and act.

He created Clean Dance from the inspiration that other people would need it.

This post honors him.

When I was young, my brothers had to go to a scouting event.  That left me to work with my dad, DJ Fred, at a dance.  I helped lug in the 12 inch records and I felt like I was really helping.  I remember the dirt/gravel getting under the dolly’s tires as I pulled in load after load of records.  This was the first time I helped him that I could remember.

I learned from him.  How to read a crowd.  How to diagnose a dance and move people from standing still to sweating.  I learned from him how to handle clients, difficult brides and cranky party goers.

This morning I learned he passed from this earth.  His time is up here.  His body will be laid to rest until it is taken up again, resurrected through the power of the Atonement of Christ.

So I pause for a moment.  Put down the mic, take off the head phones and thank my Heavenly Father for such a wonderful DJ who I got to call dad.

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4 Responses to A DJ for the Eternities 

  1. Debbie Reynolds says:

    Fred was a great DJ!! And a wonderful friend!! Loved the parties back in ole Pine Hills!!! Never forget the haunted Mansion at Halloween!! He knew how to have fun!!! Rest in peace Fred, till we meet again.
    Prayers of comfort and peace to his lovely wife and all of the children and grandchildren.

  2. Emily Solomon Voyles says:

    This was such a beautiful read and lovely tribute to your dad. Our thoughts and prayers are with your dear family.

  3. Leslie says:

    Our prayers are with you. What a great tribute to a great man.

  4. Kimberly says:

    I remember DJ Fred and all of his boys doing these dances! I was one of those homeschoolers spoken of. Ben and Abe helped to set up for a homeschool dance at my grandmothers once also. It was so much work! So many great memories!

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