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This is the change from selling a CD set.  The CD set, while very beneficial to those seeking clean music, provided various challenges.  By selling an event list, it lowers the upfront cost (because you only purchase the songs you need for your event) and you can choose the source to purchase those songs and the hardware used to play those songs.

The best part of this list is we have spent hours rejecting songs.  So, when you purchase the list, it is like getting a solid foundation of clean songs to reference.

There is still no charge for our original list, and you should download it if you don’t already have it.

Clean Dance List.PDF

Before purchasing a list, please read Know When to Play a Song to understand our music selection order method.  You are purchasing our work to compile the names and artists, not the music or the rights.

Here are two examples of songs on the list:

  • The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)
  • Shake If Off by Taylor Swift (Removed as of 4/24/2015)
  • Maps by Maroon 5

Download list above first; purchase this list if you need updated or current song list.

Please note (seriously, read this): you will be redirected to PayPal to complete your purchase.   Note the Paypal pay to email address.  After your purchase, you will be redirected by to this site to download the file (under your receipt information) and you receive an email with the link to download the file (happens after PayPal pays, typically in seconds).  If you do not get the email within 30 minutes, please post a comment for support or email the address you noted when you made your purchase.  

Current Working List (219 LISTED SONGS Updated OCT 2014 $15 USD)

Teen Dance ages 14-17 SEPT 2014 – 3 Hour playlist includes song order, name and artist

Teen Dance ages 14-18 (Preformed APR 2013 $5 USD) includes participant requested songs

Leave a comment for support about this process or visit our song support page to ask a question about a song.



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18 Responses to Play List

  1. I am performing at an LDS Youth Conference in a few days on July 18, Thursday and I want to purchase your current/up to date list, but the link doesn’t work and the same goes for the youth list link. I only use Apple iMac OS and it doesn’t go anywhere to purchase the list. Can you help me?

  2. Hi,

    I would like a copy of your Teen Dance list. I made a payment with paypal. What do I do next?


    • djabe says:

      After your payment is completed with Paypal, you will be redirected back to to download your purchase. If you need more help, post a reply here.

  3. Jeff says:

    hello i purchased your teen playlist for a dance i am doing, i purchased with paypal but i was not redirected to your site please help

  4. Terry Hritz says:

    I’m doing an adult LDS Valentines Dance in February and would like to purchase your list but it says it was last updated in August. When will you have a more current list to purchase?

  5. Alex says:

    I received receipt, but did not receive the link for the list. Can you please email me with info?

  6. Patti says:

    If I pay today, when will the download be sent?
    I’m helping my DJ friend prepare for a church camp dance tonight.

  7. Gottadance says:

    Hi, I’m interested in the 14-18 youth list, is it updated, at least to Jun/Jul 2014? We are having a multi stake dance and I’m assigned to DJ the music.

    • djabe says:

      Good luck with your assignment. The list is a good starting point and we keep it current on this site. To be honest, We don’t add too many songs to the list unless we consider them solid and have verified they meet our standards.

  8. MC says:

    The download just gives me the list of songs. I already have that free from your pdf. Where’s the actual music to download? I need it ASAP for a dance tomorrow. Thanks!

    • djabe says:

      This site does not sell or rent Music, you purchase a list and can purchase or rent the songs from a preferred service. This saves you the time screening songs. The free list is older. The current list has recent songs. You will want both.

  9. I was not redirected to your site. Please help 🙂

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