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  1. Erin R says:

    my husband and I have been asked to teach the youth a couples dance. We have chosen the 4 step (swing variation). Unfortunately, we are not current with our songs. We are going to use ‘living on a a prayer’ or Old time Rock and Roll. We are looking for music that would be LDS appropriate. Do you have some recommendations on what current songs we could use for this?

    • djabe says:

      Hi Erin.
      First thing, if you Google your song names with BPM (Beats per minute) it will let you know the speed of the song. I’d recommend you train with a slower swing song. Blake Shelton remade Footloose – that is a good swing song, but slower (87 BPM). For a swing song more in the range you listed above (121 BPM), try Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ from Teen Beach Movie (Soundtrack).

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